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20" x 25yds - Glitter on Top™ HTV

20" x 25yds - Glitter on Top™ HTV

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Glitter on Top™ Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter by HTX Vinyls

Sparkle up your designs with brilliant Glitter particles!

  • Looks exactly as if Glitter particles are on top of the design. 
  • Feels the Glitter firmly attached to the vinyl. It does not loose Glitter particles when scratched. It feels like Glitter sprinkled on a High-Density base in silk screen printing.   
  • Extreme washability, stretchable but not recommended. Tested on all production batches matching industry standards. 
  • Sublimation capable Glitter surface to produce a custom printed Glitter pattern or design.

Glitter on Top™ by  HTX Vinyls can be used for the decoration of products requiring the highest quality and performance standards imposed by globally known fashion brands and retailers. An industry well-kept secret is now available to all custom printing decorators.

    Technical specifications

    • CPSIA compliant
    • Composition: Advanced Carrier (PET) + Glitter (Powder) + WR-HT Glue (Polybase Glue) 
    • Semi-Gloss finish, 325 Microns or 12.8 Mils thickness
    • Applicable to: Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Untreated leather, any water-permeable heat applicable surface.
    • Heat application settings:
      • Time: 10 to 15 seconds
      • Temperature: 320° F or 160° C
      • Pressure: Firm
      • Peel: COLD ONLY
    • Wash/Care Instructions: 
      Respect all care instructions from the original apparel and add the following:
      • Do not dry clean
      • Machine wash WARM with MILD detergent  
      • Dry on Permanent Press or Tumble Dry Low settings
      • No chlorine bleach
      • No fabric softener liquid or sheets
      • Do not wash for 24 hours after heat application
    • Storage (prior application):
      • Store at room temperature 
      • Humidity at 35% +/- 15% or store inside a bag
      • Avoid direct sunlight
      • Use a vinyl rack holding the roll from inside its core or maintain the rolls standing vertically. This reduces the stress on the advanced carrier which is pressure sensitive. 
      • Do not pile up rolls laterally as the heavier weight may stress the pressure-sensitive advanced carrier.

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