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18" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV
18" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV
18" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV
Product image 118" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV
Product image 218" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV
Product image 318" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV

18" x 27yds - Puffed Foil HTV

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PUFFED Foil™ Heat Transfer Vinyl by HTX Vinyls

Foil on top of PUFF ink printing effect Heat Transfer Vinyl for professional t-shirts, apparel, and sportswear manufacturers. 

  • Looks like a raised FOIL image or lettering giving it a 3D effect. Design edges will have a SHARP border/EDGE. The surface looks smooth. 
  • Feels thick and soft after heat application. It is foamy and feels light and bendable when worn.  
  • Extreme washability. Stretchable but not recommended. Tested on all production batches matching industry standards. 

Made for manufacturers implies that PUFFED Foil™ by  HTX Vinyls can be used for the decoration of products requiring the highest quality and performance standards imposed by globally known sporting and fashion brands and retailers. An industry well-kept secret is now available to all custom printing decorators.

Why switch to HTX Vinyls? 

  • Better (lower) pricing, same awesome usability, and quality compared to the leading brands. Achieved simply by investing in better machinery, better raw material and less in advertisements and the several tiers of businesses profiting each time the product passes hands. Improvements in technology and the Internet make this possible. 
  • Awesome usability featuring: 
    • The advanced pressure-sensitive carrier allows detailed cutting while firmly grabbing the vinyl when weeding the excess vinyl outside the design area.
    • WR-HT Glue (Wide Range Heat Transfer Glue) Allows the vinyl to be heat applicable at lower temperatures. 
    • WR-HT Glue melts and activates at low pressure.
    • WR-HT Glue is compatible with a wide range of fabrics.
    • WR-HT Glue allows a one-step multi-layer application.

Technical specifications

  • Composition: Advanced Carrier (PET) + Poil + Vinyl (PU) + WR-HT Glue (Polybase Glue) 
  • Metallic finish, 525 Microns or 20.5 Mils
  • Applicable to: Cotton, Polyester, Poly/Cotton blends, Untreated leather
  • Heat application settings:
    • Time: 10 - 12 seconds
    • Temperature: 305° F or 150° C
    • Pressure: Medium
    • Peel: Warm (recommended)
  • Wash/Care Instructions: 
    Respect all care instructions from the original apparel and add the following:
    • Do not dry clean
    • Machine wash WARM with MILD detergent  
    • Dry on Permanent Press or Tumble Dry Low settings
    • No chlorine bleach
    • No fabric softener liquid or sheets
    • Do not wash for 24 hours after heat application
  • Storage (prior application):
    • Store at room temperature 
    • Humidity at 35% +/- 15% or store inside a bag
    • Avoid direct sunlight
    • Use a vinyl rack holding the roll from inside its core or maintain the rolls standing vertically. This reduces the stress on the advanced carrier which is pressure sensitive. 
    • Do not pile up rolls laterally as the heavier weight may stress the pressure-sensitive advanced carrier. 
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